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    Error handling policy for SwitchYard

    Tadayoshi Sato Novice



      I'd like to know if SwitchYard has a feature that can configure the policies on error handling over SY applications, or at least there is any plan to implement such a feature. For example, how can I configure such a policy that if service A fails with a specific exception SY should attempt a fixed number of retries then route the exception to service B to have the service handle it ?  Should we always resort to Camel route services and its error handlers for such a configuration scenario?  Isn't there any native approach SY provides for such an error handling policy?


      If that's the case, then is there a way to configure Camel's <onException> in the Spring route XML for a SY component?  Do we need to use Java DSL for it?


      Thank you!


      Tadayoshi Sato