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    Identifying the application or EJB who calls an EJB on another server

    Bernd Koecke Novice



      I have two WildFly server, one has a number of service provider applications deployed and the other one has a number of service consumer applications deployed. So an application from one WildFly server wants to call an applications bean on another WildFly server. I know from the WildFly-Wiki that I have to configure a connection between both servers and give it a name and that I have to use a deployment descriptor on the consumer side to use this connection. But when I understand it right, are all credentials like username or password defined for the connection not for the calling application. Is it possible to see on the called server (the service provider side) which application did the call? Because I would like to configure that only one deployed application is allowed to call a service even if the caller is deployed on another server. When I could assign an application on the consumer side some kind of ID, which is sent to the provider server, I could use the combination of connection and application ID to identify the caller and assign some roles to it. Then I can use these roles to authorize the call to an EJBs methods.


      I can't find anything about such an ID. But before I start to implement it, I would like to hear if something similar is still there or planed. Or if it is a stupid idea .


      Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards