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    JBoss5 -> JBoss7: Where to set session-timeout?

    Steffen Grimm Newbie

      Hey there,


      coming from JBoss5 to JBoss7 AS it is not clear to me where to set the session-timeout now.

      In JBoss 5 we adjusted the following file:




      Here we adjusted the <session-timeout>30</session-timeout> to a value we wanted. This even worked automatically with some installscripts, so this parameter was configurable dependings on the environment.


      Now in JBoss AS7 this web.xml seems to be gone. Does anyone know where this can be configured now? I already found that this can be done inside the applications' web.xml, too but unfortunately when doing so, we won't be able to configure this value anymore, as the file is packaged into a war file, which is inside an ear-File, so it is not easy to access it anymore on a linux-script


      Does anyone now an easy way how to configure this in JBoss 7 AS?


      Any help is apreciated!


      Thanks alot