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    [JBPM eclipse plugin 5.5] Edit part to BPMN2 model element ? (And read-only viewer)

    Olivier Mélois Newbie

      Hello everyone


      I'd like to create a popup menu for the jBPM editor. My handler requires to have access to the BPMN2 element. (I'm editing an org.eclipse.bpmn2 model with the jbpm editor). How can I (easily) go from the edit part of a jbpm node to the BPMN2 model element representing the same thing ? (I'm really familiar with eObjects and not being able to navigate from the edit part to the eObject would be a dealbreaker for me).


      Second thing : I'm gonna have to develop a read-only viewer of a BPMN2 model (using the code of the JBPM editor). Before I dive deep in the code, has anybody done this ?


      Thanks for your answers


      (PS : would it be better if I switched to 6.0 ?)