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    How to rendering f:validateBean validationGroups value

    Mohammad Weshah Novice

      Hello All,

        i have <f:validateBean   validationGroups="#{operationBacking.validationGroupExper}"> as you see it get the groups value from experssion becuase i need dynamic groups name , but when i render the form(that include my code) to get new value the validationGroups still work validation on the old value(old group) while the value change becuase i add the experssion on h:ouputlabel it get new value when i render the form :


      code :

      <h:outputLabel value="#{operationBacking.validationGroupExper}" />

      <f:validateBean   validationGroups="#{operationBacking.validationGroupExper}">


      is it problem or f:validateBean dose not support render from other component i.e(it take the value one time) ?