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    Unable to monitor ActiveMQ using custom agent plug-in

    Nandhakumar G Newbie



      I got the ActiveMQ plug-in from https://github.com/rafachies/rhq-plugins.git

      This contains just one descriptor rhq-plugin.xml file and it is extending the Generic JMX classes.


      I just created the plug-in .jar and installed in server. It has been activated in the server and agent. Please refer the attached log.txt for details.


      I have modified the activemq.xml as follows,


      <broker useJmx="true" brokerName="BROKER"….



      <managementContext connectorPort="2011" jmxDomainName="test.domain"/>





      But, the RHQServer didn’t detect ActiveMQ automatically. So I have imported it using the following connection settings (Screenshot attached -  ActiceMQ_importDetails.png)


      1. Right click on agent and selected  ‘JMX server’ in import menu
      2. In the popup page selected connection setting template as ‘JDK 5’
      3. In the next page  - Deployment options
      4. Selected the Type = JSR 160,

      Connector address =  service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:2011/jmxrmi,

      Install URI = <ActiveMQ installation path>/lib,



      Successfully imported the JMX server and I can see the following inventories,

      1. Class Loading
      2. Compilation
      3. Logging
      4. Memory Susystem
      5. Operating system information
      6. Threading


      But it’s not displaying any metrics related to Queue or Topics.


      But i can see some entries in the 'ignored resource types'  in Administartion - configuration section. I am unable to import this to the inventory.(Screen shot attached -RHQScreenActiveMQ.png).