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    Advices for deployment process in development and production servers

    Humberto Ferreira da Luz Jr. Novice

      I work at the software development department (19 developers spread among 5 teams) of a university.


      We are beginning to migrate to JEE architecture and JBoss was our choice for application server.


      We want to adopt 3 application servers in our development proccess:

      • A local JBoss AS to test our applications daily during development;
      • When the application is a release candidate, it is deployed to a remote development JBoss AS (for more tests in an environment similar - same configurations - to production server);
      • After the application is ready to release, it's deployed from development to production server.

      So the flow is as follows: Local JBoss AS -> Remote Development JBoss AS -> Remote Production JBoss AS.


      There is another department (network and support) who is responsible by development and production servers, but there is a conflict between both departments.


      As we use maven, we'd like to be able to deploy our web applications to development server through jboss-as-maven plugin.


      For remote deploying through maven we need to define a JBoss AS user (management group) in the pom.xml, but the support department does not allow that, they do not accept to create management user for us.


      So I would like advices from more experienced developers. How do you think should we proceed? How do you deal with deployment process in your organization?