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    Exception_Exception generated class with wsconsume

    Gabriel Ozeas Newbie

      Hi  folks,



      I`m generating the stubs with wsconsume plugin for maven to use in JBoss 7 (tutorial and doc), but when all classes are created, the exception classes don`t extend Exception (for example, MyException.java) and another file with the name Exception_Exception that extends java.lang.Exception and has Faul annotation are created (MyException_Exception.java) and wraps the first class generated.


      I think this is a name conflict, and the schema type are been generated in the same package. Am i right? So if yes, how can separate the packages. I didnt found any paramater options in plugin or someone with the same problem.


      I dont know if this is a really problem, but i need that the name of the exception that extends java.lang.Exception be corrected and dont add _Exception.


      Can someone help me?