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    Is possible to make a forum or too add a forum  to my Jboss+Seam project ?

    Cristian Bogdan Newbie

      Hy guy's,


           I have a question, i have a jboss+Seam project that work fine and i have a normal Login form(everithing work fine no prb here) i want to add a Forum to my project so people when they log in this project have the possibility go to this "embended" forum and have like 4 link's to a disscussions page, inbox, profile and messages ( i want them to use the same login credentials to auto login the forum too, so they dont have to login the maine site and then the forum site).

           I give it a look at Vanilla but its too complicated ( or if you think is not please tell me )  and i was wondering if its possible to create a forum direct in my seam project and to make this possible(autologin).


      Thank you, and please forgive the newbie(me) !