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    "Unable to establish connection to server" admin error message.

    Arthi V Newbie


      Iam new to TEIID.

      Iam using designer to create a VDB and access same


      Have a simple SQL database on which I want to create VDB and run query.



      There is some issue with connection to the TEIID server.


      Using version  8.2  of TEIID  ,   Version  7.1.1  of JBoss  AS  and  Version 8.0.0  of  Teiid Designer


      Database connections are working fine.

      Able to see both text as well as SQL data.


      On configuring TEIID server   once I finish adding a new server connector on testing the JDBC connection as well as administrative connection both are failing.

      -  "Unable to establish connection to server" testcon.



      Similarly any other actions like Preview Data as well as Execute VDB is failing.


      Can you pls guide as to how to fix this issue.


      Have attached the screen shoty of view.


      Adding  :   I see a lot of NULL pointer exceptions.  Iam running on a windows 64 machine on jre7.    Hope this is not an issue.