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    How to avoid "null" in replies from RESTEasy service on AS 7.1


      I need to supress attributes with null in the reply fron JSON rest-services.


      In the eclipse example "jboss-javaee6-webapp", I have treid to add a attribute "text" to the Member class, and watched the output:


      {"id":1,"name":"dfdfdfdf","email":"dfdfdf@ddsds","phoneNumber":"11111111111","text":null} - well, this is expected for a start.


      As far as I can read the documentation, adding @JsonSerialize(include=JsonSerialize.Inclusion.NON_NULL) to the class should change this. But it doesn't the output remains the same. Still a null value displayed


      What's missing?


      A similar project can be fetch from http://www.jboss.org/jdf/quickstarts/jboss-as-quickstart/kitchensink-ear/


      I've added this depenedencey to ejb-part pom.xml of the project (ejb module) to have access to the annotation.