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    Asynchronous communication and transactions

    Strahinja Lazetic Newbie



      I have some doubts regarding the Infinispan asynchronous communication and transactions mechanism.

      In my case I start the Infinispan cluster in P2P mode, so my program runs in the same process as an Infinispan Cache. The program is the only point which perform operations on the Infinispan cluster. In my program I have several write operations inside one transaction. In case I configure asynchronous communication:


      1. How are these writes propagated to the other nodes, immediately one by one or all of them after the transaction commits?

      2. How is the commit propagated to the other nodes, is it also asynchronous?

      3. What will be the state of the operations on the other nodes if the program crashes in the middle of the transaction and what if it crashes after the local commit is executed but still not on the other nodes?

      4. Related to the previous question, is there any case where the permanent incosnsitency amongst all the nodes is possible, taking into account my settings, mentioned above?


      I hope I did not ask to many things, I will appreciate any help on this.


      Thank you,

      Strahinja Lazetic