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    autogenerated pk's with cmp entity beans ?

    rlaenen Newbie


      I would like to make use of db-generated pk values in combination with cmp entity beans.

      I want to avoid to do a supplementary query to the db for retrieving the next-key value in the ejbCreate method.
      Instead, i would like the app. server to make use of the jdbc 'returning' feature to get the pk-value assigned by the db on the insert.

      I've been searching through the forums and in the docs but don't find a clear answer.

      Does anybody know if this is possible and how to do it ???


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          I haven't tried it but the 3.2.x jbosscmp-jdbc DTD supports this. Have a look at that file.

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            rlaenen Newbie

            After putting

            <entity-command name="get-generated-keys"/>

            in the defaults section of jbosscmp-jdbc and


            in the entity section and deploying the stuff,
            the Oracle 9.2 jdbc driver came back with an 'unsupported feature' error.

            After looking in the jBoss source code the offending statement was :

            ps = con.prepareStatement(insertEntitySQL,

            Conclusion, the default Oracle 9 drivers don't support the jdbc type 3 feature that jBoss is using.
            I suppose this is linked with the fact that Oracle doesn't know auto-increment columns but makes use of sequences for this.

            So, I think we'll need to live with that extra roundtrip to the db for getting the pk-value.

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              Stephane Ruffieux Newbie


              It is a way to configure a autogenerated key for an entity bean for Oracle.

              First, you have to create a sequence in DB to generate your PK.

              In jbosscmp-jdbc.xml, you have to add the following elements to your entity definition:


              <entity-command name="oracle-sequence" class="org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc.keygen.JDBCOracleCreateCommand">
              <attribute name="sequence"\>your_sequence_name

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                sirvaulterscoff Newbie

                Its interesting for me to know weather i could use 2 sequinces for one table. I.e. i need one row to have primary key between 1 and 1000000 and the second row - between 1000001 - inf.