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    Which is best way to write a plugin - inorder to monitor active sessions.

    Arun Raj Expert

      Hi Developers,


          I am creating a plugin to monitor applications. In that one of my requirement ( metric ) is to monitor active users of our applications(Deployed in JBoss). To get the active users count I have got the following ways in RHQ. But Having no idea which one is best to follow it up. Please guide me in the correct path.


          1 ) Using JMX-Plugin by the depends keywords. By doing this, we can get MBeanResourceComponent. With the help of the class, will monitor active sessions.


          2 ) Using mc4j jar by loading up in lib folder of plugin. By doing this, we can get EMSConnection, EMSBean ,EMSAttribute to monitor active sessions.  https://community.jboss.org/thread/166548 , By this post I belive that will get future support.


          3 ) mx4j also supports to get active users.


      Please give me a best way to develop my custom RHQ Plugin. From my last 4 months of experience with RHQ , I believe that I can create a plugin by my own. For that please give me a path to make my RHQ journey.