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    rich:calendar and valueChangeListener

    Sebastian Mellmann Newbie

      Hello everybody,


      I have searched the forums, but could not find any discussions about my problem.


      I am using rich:calendar and the valueChangeListener:


      <rich:calendar id="inpFromCalendarValidity" zindex="1000" rendered="#{!(roleItemBean.validity == 0)}"
           showWeeksBar="false" value="#{roleItemBean.validFrom}" immediate="true" 
           <a4j:ajax event="change" render=":workspaces" />
           <f:attribute name="selectedItem" value="#{roleItemBean}"/>


      I am doing some calculations with the chosen date from the calendar and show the calculation to the user.

      The problem is that the newly chosen date is set AFTER the valueChangeListener is called hence the calculated value is always using the OLD value and not the actual one chosen by the user.
      Is there any way to manipulate this behaviour?



      Thanks and regards,