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    Auto-register servlet filter in a WAR module of an EAR application in JBoss 7

    discger Newbie



      is it possible to use the annotation-based auto-registering of Servlet filters in a WAR module of an EAR 6 application? The Filter class is inside a JAR which is located in the lib directory of the EAR.


      My problem is, that I would like to use the PrettyFaces library for my web application. The documentation of this library states that it needs no configuration in a JSF 2 environment. In my case this is not true. Only when I configure the filter in the web.xml file the filter is loaded.


      Probably this has something to do with class loading and isolation, but after reading the docs multiple times I still do not understand how to fix this (if it is fixable at all).


      Is there anyone who can help me? Thanks in advance.


      Greetings, Dieter