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    Defining a List using ListDataType in web designer

    ocramot Newbie

      Hello everybody, I just registered here beacuse I have a question and I couldn't find the answer anywere.


      I'm using JBPM 5.4, and in my project I have implemented a Custom Work Item, which takes a List as input; the item is defined through the Guvnor interface, and contains a ListDataType as a parameter.


      I have seen that, in the Web Designer interface, you can define the initial assignment value of the parameters of a task. Anyway, it is not very clear how to initialize the elements of a list. Can I insert a list of element writing them as a string, and using a separator, for example ';' ?

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          Tihomir Surdilovic Master

          Please open a jBPM JIRA for this so we can add it - what's your suggestions on how you would like to be able to do this?

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            ocramot Newbie

            Actually, I didn't notice I was requesting a new feature - I thought that I was missing something out of the interface!


            And I just realized the same can be applied to the EnumDataType as well...

            At the moment, I'm dealing with these using a String that is a concatenation of values with a separator ( ';' ) and then splitting it in an array, in Java code.

            Since I worked around a solution, it is not so necessary anymore; I'm adding an optional JIRA anyway, if you like.

            I guess that in the Guvnor's Editor for Data Assignments window, you could add an "Add Values" button next to the "To Value" column, and that button would open a new window with a three-column table, similar to the "Editor for Data Input" window, where the first column with the item type (String, Integer, Object, ...), and the second/third, with the standard/custom value.