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    Eager/lazy class loading during arquillian test deployment

    javag Newbie


      Just started to use Arquillian in a WebLogic-based project. I see that arquillian deployment algorithm tries to instantiate ALL the singleton classes and to perform all the static blocks found on a classpath (WAR provided by the ShrinkWrap as part of @Deployment). These classes are added to the WAR as packages, using addPackages() API of the ShrinkWrap. We have a large-scale project and classpath I'm trying to use is pretty big, but I'm not expecting this kind of eager loading during deployment.

      This does NOT happen, if I put the same collection of classes as a jar (addAsLibraries()) into the WAR to be deployed.

      My question: is it supposed to work this way, or it's just a bug?

      Thanks for your answers in advance.