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    WARNING: COMMIT: no transaction in progress

    Nigel Birch Newbie


      Using JBoss3.2.1 with PostgreSQL7.3.1 on Linux. CMP1.1

      I getting "WARNING: COMMIT: no transaction in progress" all the time in my postgres log. As if JBoss has not started a transaction?

      A typical sequence involves 3 Stateless Session beans, SB1, SB2 and SB3. We call a "NotSupported" method in SB1 with calls a local private method, which calls a "RequiresNew" method in SB2, followed by a "RequiresNew" method in SB3.

      This always gives "WARNING: COMMIT: no transaction in progress" twice in the postgres log. I'm assuming that the RequiresNew would begin a tranaction.

      This must be a configuration problem.....what should I check??


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          Jon Barnett Master

          It may be a bug or a quirk, depending on how you look at it. Postgresql does not appreciate receiving a COMMIT when there are no statements pending committal. JBoss transactions always seem to generate a COMMIT for each step in the transaction chain. I haven't looked too deeply at the code but I would say the transaction manager sends a COMMIT, without checking if there are any pending transactions at the database (that would detract from performance on the EJB side of things).