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    Jboss -wildfly-8.0.0.Alpha2

    pallab bhattacharya Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am completely new to Jboss space, so please pardon if my question is vague.

      I downloaded wildfly-8.0.0.Alpha2 from "http://www.wildfly.org/download/", i have installed oracle DB 11g (for some other purpose) in my computer (windows 7 OS).


      The issue was that whenever i was trying to open the url "http://localhost:8080/" I was getting an pop up for userid and pwd having comment "The site says xdb".

      After checking the issue over internet , i modified the configuration file “standalone.xml”, and changed the port to some other 8081, and now i am able to access http://localhost:8081/",

      But i am not able to fix the issue to open the http://localhost:8081/jmx-console, i assume there should some config file for the jmx console, but i am not able to find, could anyone please help me.