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    JBoss AS7 FileNotFoundException

    Mike Go Newbie

      hi I am a newbie on JBoss, now I am facing a problem that only happen in JBoss but not Tomcat or Websphere, here is a question I posted on SO, hopefully can get some advice there. Thanks in advance.


      In the java code under /class I have

      str_url = "/jasperReports/report.jasper";

      url = getClass().getResource(str_url);

      And the actual report.jasper template is under


      From the war file, but now the application gives me following exceptions:

      net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: java.io.FileNotFoundException:


      So what's going on and why does the application look for the template under System folder, that's not a temporary or cache folder at all.

      And How can I define the classpath that can make it work on JBoss AS 7? Same code works fine on Websphere and Tomcat...