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    How to redirect url on particular JBOSS AS7  in Apach+modcluter case ?

    hitesh yadav Newbie

      I have configuration of Apache+modcluster and two JBOSS AS7 (AS1 + AS2).

      Here Apache+modcluster and AS1is on same node and AS2 is on another node.

      It is also possible to add another JBOSS AS7 (AS3 ) dynamically in cluster .

      In this case  load balancing  work properly for all HTTP request.


      Consider that URL1 is some special URL.

      When URL1  come to  Apache+modcluster it must forward to AS1 only .

      If AS1 fail then only URL1 should  forward to other  ApplicationServer in  cluster.

      How to configure Apache+modcluster to solve this problem?