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    jBPM over cluster environment

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      We are planning to use jBPM 5.4 over a clustered environment: Weblogic 11g clustered with 2 instance nodes over Red Hat Linux using Oracle 11g in the DB tier. We want to know if it's possible to use jBPM over this clustered enviroment and how, we haven't found any documentation about this subject (jBPM clustering).

      The configuration that we've in mind is to use jBPM with Spring and Hibernate to persist the jBPM information needed to run it into the Oracle DB, but we've some questions: what about StatefulKnowledgeSession?: we should replicate it manually across the several App. Server nodes? We should have diferent sessions at the several nodes? If yes, if a session is running a process, the other session in the other node could access to that process?

      By the way, we are planning to use Mina Task Server for the human task, can it run over a clustered environment?



      Thanks in advance,