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    Is it possible to discover a resourceType under another resourceType ? ? ?

    Arun Raj Expert

      Hi Developers,


          I know It is possible. But for the following scenario, I dont know how to code. Please guide me as what you guys have done before.


      Scenario :


           A resourceType should not display any resource but under that resourceType I need to get many resourceTypes.


      For Eg:


           |-----Services           ->resourceType

                |-----EMail          ->resourceType

                      |----Customer 1

                      |----Customer 2

                |-----User          ->resourceType

                      |----Customer 1

                      |----Customer 2

                |------WebService ->resourceType

                      |----Customer 1

                      |----Customer 2


               Is the above hierarchy possible. I believe it is possible in some way. Please give a way to implement the above plugin.


      NOTE : Services - ResourceType should aggregate the metrics of the child resourceTypes ( Email , User , WebService). So Services is mandatory.