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    AGAGIN Periodic Rotating File Handler does not rotate daily

    cyron Newbie

      It had benn discussed many times, and been fixed long before.





      but from logmanager 1.4, this bug appears again.


      I checked the PeriodRotatingFileHandler, and found the problem:


      calendar.set(Calendar.HOUR, 0)


      Calendar.HOUR is setted to 0, butCalendar.AM_PM is remain untouched.

      so when you start server at afternoon, you will get the next ratation at next afternoon, instead of next middlenight.


      so calendar.set(Calendar.AM_PM, 0) should be added.


      in 1.3, it was calendar.clear(Calendar.HOUR) , it did't clear the am/pm either.

      IMHO because the hour value is cleared to undefined, am/pm is simply ignored.