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    JBoss Modules and Classloaders

    Michael McGovern Newbie



      I'm trying to use the JSR310 javx.time.calendar classes along with Oracles TIMESTAMPTZ JDBC class (timestamp with timezone)- I've got Oracle driver as a JBoss module but I need access to the TIMESTAMPTZ class in my code (Hibernate UserType) so I can get stuff out of it to construct the javax.tme.calendar.OffsetDateTime instance.


      Anyway - I'm getting classloader problems - the object retrieved is a TIMESTAMPTZ but loaded from a different class loader as it fails (java.lang.ClassCastException: oracle.sql.TIMESTAMPTZ cannot be cast to oracle.sql.TIMESTAMPTZ) when I cast it to a TIMESTAMPTZ in my code (after adding the TIMESTAMPTZ to the ShirnkWrap classes - before that I just got "no class def  found error" for oracle/sql/TIMESTAMPTZ).


      Anyone have thoughts on classloaders and JBoss modules with Arquiliian tests?