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    rich:comboBox doesn't allow to select a value next time

    Apurv Kolte Newbie

      I have a rich:comboBox




      This is how the rich combo box looks.


      I type in 'A', I get the suggestion narrowed down to Apple and I can select Apple.

      combo 2.pngcombo 3.png

      Now if I clear the input and type in 'A' again,

      combo 4.pngcombo 5.png

      the suggestions are again narrowed down to Apple, but I can't select Apple this time ! Neither by keyboard down button nor by mouse.


      Surprisingly this works, if I try to select any other input (Ball, Cat, Dog or Egg). Then I try for Apple and it is selectable.

      Looks like rich:comboBox is storing the last value somewhere and this value is not being cleared when I clear the input.


      I am using Richfaces 3.3.2 with JSF 1.2 (MyFaces) on WAS 7.0

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.