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    How to permanently stop JMS queue on Jboss 3.2.7




      I have a JMS queue on a Jboss application server (3.2.7) that I want to permanently disable (just the queue, not the app server as whole). 

      Through the JMX console I can find the queue (under jboss.mq.destination) and stop it. But the JBoss server gets restarted every night and thus restarts the queue.

      From the documentation I have seen, I should be able to just remove the listing for the JMS queue in file jbossmq-destinations-service.xml which is located in jboss-3.2.7\server\default\deploy\jms

      This was the only file location of this file that had the correct queue listing in to start with.

      I have removed it (the listing for the queue) and restarted the application server. but the queue still continues to startup...

      What step am I missing? Do I need to redeploy something for this change to take effect?

      Also, for the queue info page it has a state setting of 3, but no way to change this, is this some sort of persistence setting, as the messages do get persisted to an integrated Hypersonic database, as I understand it.