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    Application slow page load time

    John Ericksen Newbie

      We are investigating migrating our JSF/Seam/EJB applications from Glassfish 2.11 to JBoss 7 AS.  With a couple of changes our test application deploys but each page load is extreemly slow, on the order of 2 minutes.  The Logs show minimal information, but do log a mesage about the SFSB right around the time the page ends up loading:


      Failed to find SFSB instance with session ID {[12, 20, 32, -61, -53, 43, 72, -4, -100, 38, 33, -110, 14, -120, -83, 34]} in cache


      After a bit more investigation it looks like the hibernate/JPA session count skyrockets at startup and for each page load.  For the initial page load the open session count hits above 500 although the sucessful transaction count only increases to 1:


      578 open sessions

      1 connection

      1 completed transaction

      1 successful transaction


      What does this mean?  Is there some sort of infinite loop alocating hibernate sessions?  Are there any other statistics to look at?