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    How can I generate Task Forms for human tasks inside an Embedded Subprocess?

    Michael Dunham Newbie



      I am creating a workflow for a project using a BPMN2 process inside the JBoss Guvnor (I believe the jBPM is 5.4). There are a few human tasks that fall under the same category and I figured why not put these into a subprocess. I read up on subprocesses and found out they themselves need to have a start and end node, and I made sure to do so. One of the last things I did was "Generate Task From Templates" to produce the task forms for the user tasks. Well, when I did "Validate Process" it turns out that the user tasks inside the subprocess are not generating task forms because I am getting the error "User Task has no task form defined." I need this to work because with this error it will not let me "Build Package" in order to execute the workflow inside the jBPM Console. So, I was wondering if anyone knew how to get these task forms generated for a user task inside an embedded subprocess, or is it not possible and should I just ignore using a subprocess? I tried looking into it online and found no answers, so I was hoping someone here would know. I included a brief picture of what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks for taking your time!