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    How to put a portlet into a page programatically

    Anish Antony Newbie

      Hi all


      How to add a portlet into a page programmatically?. For adding portlet into a page, the portlet must be in the form of org.exoplatform.portal.config.model.Application.  Is there is any service class available for getting portlet (in the form of org.exoplatform.portal.config.model.Application) by passing portlet id or portlet datastorage id...etc?. I got portets information from application registry but those information are in the form of org.exoplatform.application.registry.Application. But it is not possible to add org.exoplatform.application.registry.Application object (portlet) into a page directly, Page (org.exoplatform.portal.config.model) only accept org.exoplatform.portal.config.model.Application objects.


      So is there is any services available to create org.exoplatform.portal.config.model.Application objects?