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    Is it possible to specify the TaskForm as a property / input internal to the Process Definition instead of using separate file?

    Thomas Setiabudi Expert



      I am using JBPM5.4 Final, currently we use our own implementation of User Interface (UI), and then used the ftl file of process and task just to point to the UI's URL.

      so for example, if I have process with ID:


      then the file "test.mytestProcess-taskform.ftl" will contain just the URL of my custom built User Interface.


      My question is, instead of using file like "test.mytestProcess-taskform.ftl" to store the URL of my User Interface, can I just define the URL as an input in the process? for example process's metadata

      While this can be done for Human Task with InputVariables, So far I did not find any way to do this for process form.


      Any thoughts?



      Thomas Setiabudi