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    Arquillian example with JPA and Graphene not working

    Johannes Schmidt Newbie


      I am having trouble to use this example:


      It is an easy example showing a login and it is tested by drone/graphene.

      Also I found a discussion that actually the combination of both is not supported:


      From there it leads to an issue in Jira: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ARQ-1077

      It is confusing that there is oficial code available to try the two aspects and on the other hand it says it is not possible to combine it.

      1) Would you be so kind and tell me if there is a posibility?


      I executed the example I fouhnd on github and ran into the attached error. Environment: Mac Snow Leopard 64bit, Eclipse Juno, Firefox 19 (it's all said in the log)

      Only I added the path to my JBoss 7.1.1 Server in the arquillian file.

      Firefox opens up, but then nothing else happens until the out of connection error after 45 sec. I tried different combinations of selenium and firefox, because it happened before that they don't work well together.

      2) is there a running version of this code?


      Any help is appreciated

      Thanks in advance