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    Why isn't the EAP branch on GitHub or otherwise publicly accessible?

    henk de boer Master



      I've asked this before in a couple of other topics, but never got any conclusive answer. Since those other topics were often about other things the discussion went on to those other things. In this discussion I would like to focus on the following:


      JBoss AS is available on GitHub. We can see every commit and every tag. Commits can be easily tracked back to tickets and mostly the commit comments are clear enough so that we can understand why the change was made.


      Appearently at some point in time a given tag on GitHub (say 7.2.0.Final) is branched into a private repository. In that branch commits are supposedly being made that work towards a given EAP version. In this case EAP 6.1.0.Final. When this work is done, the product is released and the source code is made available (as per the LGPL).


      I wonder though why is this EAP branch private?


      The end result is released anyway, both as binary and as source, but now we just get to see one big source archive. We can load this source archive ourselves in Git again and look at the diffs, but then it's like one huge commit has been done and we don't see which changes belong together and we also don't see the commit comments.


      As said, I'm very curious why the EAP branches are not publically accessible.


      Thanks in advance for all insights.