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    Deploying and launching  Guvnor 5.5 Final on GlassFish Server (build 5) Issue

    Saravana V Newbie

      I tried to deploy Guvnor 5.5 tomcat war file on glassfish as stated here Drools Guvnor on Glassfish error

      I am able to deploy it, but I could not able to run it (Launch it). and also i see few modules and components are available when deployed (compared to Guvnor 5.4).

      Please let me know whether any of you tried to deploy and launch Guvnor 5.5 on Glassfish Sucessfully, if so provide the needful

      P.S I am able to deploy and launch Guvnor 5.4 on Glassfish 3.1 .

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      Guvnor-5.40.png shows the more modules and components loaded when deployed compared to Guvnor 5.5 png.