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    Realm or not?

    Kamala D'Africa Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm a beginner in security...and in the english language

      In my application using picketlink I have a requirement that I can't implement.

      The application allows companies to sign up with an administrator user.

      Any administrator can create users, groups and roles (as group of predefined roles) that are unique in the boundary of his company.


      Searching in internet I found that I need something similar to a Realm or a Partition.


      If I understood well, realms in picketbox are statically configured so I can not use a realm on the fly.

      Even though I can create a realm, indentityManager.forRealm() throws an exception saying that that realm is not configured.


      I have 2 questions about.

      1. How can I implement my requirement?

      2. In internet I could not find the exact meaning of realm, tier, partition, roles. Can someone explain me what they exactly means, how use them and provide some simple example of their usage?


      Thank you in advice