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    Are Flash files cached?

    C. Kielstra Newbie

      Do you people know if there is perhaps some special caching applied to Action Script / Flash files (*.swf) ?


      When I deploy an updated version of my Flash file to server\default\deploy\some_sub_dir\foo.swf

      I still get to see the old web page in my web browser.

      However, when I modify a HTML-file in the deploy directory then the change is visible.

      So my question, is there some special caching for *.swf files that I'm missing?


      Running JBoss -5.1.0.GA on Windows Server 2008

      Apache is used for redirecting services but I can bypass this and it still doesn't work.

      Testing the browser on a seperate Windows 7 machine.


      I tried several web browsers: IE9, Chrome, FF 3.6 and FF 22. For each of them I cleared the local cache on the PC and even the Flash Player cache as described in  http://forums.adobe.com/message/4278569

      This all didn't change a thing, I'm still seeing the old Flash web page which makes me think the JBoss web server (Tomcat?) is serving me an old page.


      Then I tried clearing the JBoss cache by deleting the server\default\work  and server\default\tmp directories. --> still the old web page.

      Uninstalling JBoss and re-installing with the new *.swf page added to the ear-file still shows me the old/original swf page.


      I triple checked the new swf file is in the directory server\default\deploy\some_sub_dir.

      I can open it there and it shows the new contents.

      I searched the server\default directory tree for a duplicate file name but to no avail.


      This is driving me nuts, where is the old swf page coming from?