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    Seam 2 - CDI bridge ?

    Mike Eppe Newbie

      I would like to migrate a Seam 2 app. to JEE6/7.

      At first I intend to migrate my app to Seam 2.3 (JSF 2, JPA 2, Bean Validation...), then I will convert all Seam 2 beans to CDI beans. This part represents a huge work. 

      The migration process would be facilitate if we could reuse seam 2 bean in cdi bean.


      Are there any plans to allow CDI beans to reuse Seam 2 beans ? a Seam 2 - CDI bridge ?


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          rsmeral Newbie

          Hi Mike,


          I know of a diploma thesis [1] project that deals exactly with this issue. It contains a working CDI extension (called Classic) which acts as a bridge for Seam 2.

          "Classic [..] is an alternative implementation of the Seam core. More precisely, it is a portable CDI extension, which enables a Seam application to run in a Java EE environment without Seam libraries. [..] Where possible, [seam-specific] metadata is replaced by matching Java EE substitutes. As a result, parts of the required services are provided natively by an application server. Secondly, the Classic extension provides a compatibility layer, which emulates the remaining services at runtime."


          I haven't tested it, but it might be worth looking at.


          [1] http://is.muni.cz/th/207788/fi_m/