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    WS-Policy sets


      Just saw the post on the WS-Policy sets in the next major release and it is a great idea.  I'm writing some JBoss web service training for my company and we are actually suggesting to people that they go with Apache CXF configuration files (jbossws-cxf.xml) because the policy approach is so cryptic to code manually and tough to debug while the CXF approach has lots of good examples in CXF documentation.  Once standard policy sets are available we will definitely be suggesting that route since it would be much easier and it would show up (correctly) in the generated WSDL.


      I think my biggest suggestion for this is to have a class or various constants that will have the "labels" of the prepackaged policy sets available.  If we need to specify it as a String it will still be easy to make a typo (especially typing out 'AsymmetricBinding_X509v1_TripleDesRsa15_EncryptBeforeSigning_ProtectTokens') so using a constant that the development tool code-assist can help me complete would be easy (and throw compile errors if incorrect).  This wouldn't replace the Strings but just be a shortcut way to make sure you are using the correct Strings.  It would also be a better way to discover what policy sets are available (just hit CTRL-Space in Eclipse and see what comes up).


      I love all the advanced JBoss web service features that have been or are coming online.  You guys are sure giving us great stuff to use!



      Stuart Smith