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    Human task in jbpm 5.4

    Aayush Agarwal Newbie

      Hi all,


      My bpmn2 process has only a single user task. It executes all right in the web designer.

      But when I run it in eclipse, it says "Could not find work item handler for Human Task".

      My ProcessMain code had only the boilerplate stuff until now.


      So I copy-pasted this part from the evaluation example:


      HornetQHTWorkItemHandler humanTaskHandler = new HornetQHTWorkItemHandler(ksession);



      ksession.getWorkItemManager().registerWorkItemHandler("Human Task", humanTaskHandler);


      But I now get the following error.


      Exception in thread "Thread-4" java.lang.RuntimeException: Timeout : unable to retrieve Task





      I would be grateful to anyone who could tell me what more code should I add to get human tasks working in eclipse.



      PS. I am using jBPM 5.4 and ksession.getWorkItemManager().registerWorkItemHandler("Human Task", new WSHumanTaskHandler()); wouldnt work as it is deprecated.

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          when you configure HornetQHTWorkItehHandler and you point to a remote service ( that you need to ensure that the server on that host and port is up and running. Usually that means you need to start the jbpm on AS7 server and then try to execute the process from eclipse. Alterative you can setup HornetQ task server as part of your eclipse test but that requires bit more work.