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    Recommendations of proper SY workflow and bean implementation Qs

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      I'm new to Switchyard and need a recommendation on how to design this integration scenario.  I need to integrate various sources to one particular application that provides a REST api.  In order to use this external application's REST api, one needs to authenticate with the system (username/password), receive a token, and then that token will be used for all other service invocations.  Now lets consider a simple example where I would like to insert an "Item" into this application.  Hence I would need to first invoke a REST service to authenticate, receive the token, and then call an insert REST service with the token to insert the item:


      1) String authenticate(String username, String password)

      2) void insert(String item)


      Now how would you design this workflow scenario in SY?  Currently I've created an 'empty' bean (this will be another question I have below) that has a promoted reference to the external application.  This reference is a Java interface with jax-rs annotations that conform to the external application's requirements.  I've created two methods in this reference interface that use the signatures shown above.  Now when data is coming in (from a database), I need to first authenticate to get a token then insert the item.  So far I have an implementation that looks like the attached image.  The component in the middle has no implementation (or interface for that matter, its completely empty).  I'm not sure what I need to put in that component.  I'd figure I just "map" the input to two composite references-- 1 for authentication and the other for inserting the item.


      Any help/advice would be appreciated.  TIA!SW.png