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    Question about having Multiple EAR Files in a single deployment

    ronorato Newbie

      I Have an application that I am deploying on a server running a single instance of JBoss AS 7 (will be moving to 6.1).  I have broken the application up into multiple EAR files.  I have two EAR files that contain just application code (POJO) and some EJBs but no related items.  Then I have multiple EAR files that contain application code (POJOs), EJBs and Web (packaged in a WAR file).   I am using JNDI to communicate between modules (internal and exernal to the EAR) and I am using JPA for my database access.  So I have a few questions about all of this.


      First (this is probaly more of option oriented question, but figured I ask it here) is this a good way to group and deploy functionality?  I am grouping items into EAR files based on the functionality offered.  I was doing this to allow functionality to be distributed over mulitple severs where one set of servers may provide core functionality and another set functionality related to feature x.


      The second question really has to do with how to set the root context so that it points to pages in my company home application.  I have tried updating the application.xml within that EAR but that did not work.  Everytime I go to the root context "localhost:8080" I ended up with a JBoss AS page.  I am not sure where this page is being set from.


      Another question along the same lines as the one above.  Is it possible to have multiple domains pointing to the same JBoss instance with each one having its one root context or do I need to build up routes (similar to how it is done in MVC 3 & 4)?


      Thank you in advance,

      Richard O