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    Starting a JTA environment

    caterpillar Newbie

      I am developing a Dynamic web project (Java EE) using JSF, PrimeFaces, JPA, JTA and running on Tomcat 7. The project development is based on http://www.simtay.com/simple-crud-web-application-with-jsf-2-1-primefaces-3-5-maven-and-jpa/

      At the moment I am trying setting up JTA. It is the first time I do such thing. I have chosen the JBoss narayana-full-5.0.0.M3 that is the new version of the older jbossts-full-4.17.4. I would like to set it up as a "separate" thing that I can run from console. Following the readme.txt, I have included in project's generation path:

      lib/ext/*.jar and lib/jta/narayana-jta.jar

      but at certain point of the readme file, you can read:

      2 If you need to use this version of JTA in an application server, you should also include lib/jta/narayana-jta-integration.jar, however, note the comment above regarding manual upgrading of the component inside JBossAS is not recommended

      3 Execute jta-setup-env.[bat|sh] to put JTA in the classpath

      I would like to know if I need to excecute any script of the scripts that are in the Narayana folder to get the JTA be enabled in the project I am working on.

      The system I am using is Fedora 19.