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    Do JMS clients receive STOMP messages?

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      I've spent the last days learning Jboss JMS. I managed to write a JMS receiver in a thread on the server which receives messages in a while loop from a certain queue. I then send a bunch of messages to that queue still on the server-side and the JMS receiver receives all of them. Then I wrote a JMS client that connects to the same queue and sends a message, works perfectly.

      Then I tried to write a STOMP javascript client and a STOMP ruby client. I soon learned you need to write jms.queue.test instead of jms/queue/test and managed to make a client receive it's own messages. That also works between two javascript STOMP clients. However, my JMS cserver does not receive these messages.


      Now I am wondering whether that is normal behaviour or not? They are writing to the same queue, so I don't understand why my server doesn't receive the messages.


      So to be complete, I have a javascript STOMP client which sends messages and a JMS java class on server which receives messages on the same queue. When I make a JMS java client, I can receive these  messages in the server-side class. However, when I use javascript STOMP it doesn't work. Afterwards I tried again with another javascript STOMP client that subscribes on the queue and then it worked to have javascript to javascript communication.

      So that's why I am confused, although they are sending and receiving on the same queue, the only communication I get is:

           javascript STOMP -> javascript STOMP

           java JMS client -> java JMS receiver on server.

      and not..

           javascript STOMP -> java JMS receiver on server.