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    Infinispan Invalidation mode cluster setup

    Raihan Jamal Newbie

      I have a single Cassandra cluster with 24 nodes. 12 nodes in Datacenter 1 (DC1), 12 nodes in Datacenter 2 (DC2).


      We have a use case in which read latency is very important and because of compaction happening in the background, our read latency is getting affected a lot. We are writing into Cassandra database with throughput around 4000 requests per second and at the same time reads will be happening as well and because of compaction, read latency is getting affected.


      So we thought why not put some caching layer in front of Cassandra database which can cache everything so that our read latency will become very fast. And then I started looking into infinispan as our Caching layer. I am mostly interested in Invalidation Mode in Infinispan. I am not sure how should I start creating the cluster using Infinispan. I have around 10 machines that I am going to try with Infinispan. Now I am stuck how should I start using the infinispan and setup the Invalidation mode with the cluster.


      Any step by step process will help me to understand better on this. Any help will be appreciated.