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    Check value of rich:inputNumberSpinner with JavaScript

    ronny2013 Newbie



      I have a problem with the inputNumberSpinner.

      I want to do something if the spinner value is equals the maxvalue like the following example:



      <script language="javascript">

           function checkValue() {

              if (document.getElementById('spinner').value === document.getElementById('spinner').maxValue) {

                 document.getElementById('radioBtnGrp:0').checked = true;

              } else {

                 document.getElementById('radioBtnGrp:1').checked = true;


                 return false;




      <rich:inputNumberSpinner id="spinner" step="0.5" maxValue="#{backingBean.maxValue}" value="#{backingBean.spinnerValue}" onchange="checkValue();"/>

      Can anyone help me please with this javascript?