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    Getting started in JBPM 6

    Alexander Herwix Newbie

      Hey jbpm experts,


      I'm tasked with implementing a bpm system at work and after a lot of research I finally settled on the upcoming JBPM 6 as the basis for the project (love the integration with drools and the unified repository approach). However, having started to work with beta version I find it hard to really get a grip on the project. I have no experience (except reading large parts of the userguide) in jBPM 5.x as of yet and I'm really troubled by the lack of documentation/getting started guides for version 6. I'm doing my best using the old documentation, however it's really uncomfortable to just scramble everything together and hope that nothing has changed too much...


      Do you have an ETA for more Docs on 6? Or even better maybe a roadmap for the development of version 6 (release time frames, etc)? If you need any help compiling this information into blog posts, wiki entries or the like, I would be glad to help!


      Cheers, Alex

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          Jiri Svitak Novice

          Hello Alexander,


          I have implemented a simple web application, which demonstrates how to use jBPM 6 as an embedded engine.


          The second approach how to use jBPM 6 is to leave the runtime inside kie workbench (kie-wb=repo+design tools+runtime+remote api) and control it via remote APIs.


          Unfortunately I cannot help you with the docs, as far as I can tell the only source to learn something currently are source codes, unit tests and maybe some blog posts. See also http://planet.jboss.org/post/jbpm_6_0_beta2_available



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            Alexander Herwix Newbie

            Thank you for your input, Jiri!


            I will have a look at your project, seems to be a good starting point!


            Still, if someone from the jbpm team ist reading this, I think it would be a great idea to provide some updates to the roadmap. While I have seen http://www.jboss.org/jbpm/roadmap and the bugtracker, it's seems to me that the roadmap is outdated (jbpm6 release date is set for 10th of june) and at least I can't find a even semi-definite source about everything jbpm6 (how things progress, how to help, tutorials, releases, etc), not even the drools&jbpm blog give any information (except a small post for beta 2) about beta releases and such (I have seen the dev mailing list, but that seems to me to be a uneccessary barrier to entry for people getting to know the community around jbpm). I guess the jbpm wiki page was a good start but it seems to be pretty dead right now. I would love to see some more engagement in that regard, as the new version, really looks like a killer in the making! And as I said before, I would be glad to help in that regard, however right now I'm still trying to find out where to get all the relevant information myself


            Cheers, Alex

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              Suraj Bahl Newbie

              Hi Jiri,


              I am trying to run the sample application (reward-basic) provided by you on JBoss 7.1 with JBPM 6.0 libraries. My project is not able to find the DeploymentService class in any of the jar files. can you please what do i need to include to import that?