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    DropDowns for Service Nodes/Work Item Defintions In Guvnor Web Designer(Oryx)

    Ikram Babai Newbie

      Hello Everybody,


      We are using Guvnor primarily as a BPMN2 Process Repository with jBPM - For Service Nodes, the Oryx Deisgner that is embedded (and deployed as separate application) has a way to work with Work Item Defintions files that we create in Gunvor - My problem is that I need to be able to let the user select a value only from a selected list of values.


      My wid is like the - see the EnumDataType defined - the source code says the string passed into its constructor is a "className" - where do I put that class? I suspect it must point to a file Model Pojo jar that you can upload - but Can't there be an easy way - I really was fascinated to see the Enumeration in the Create New menu item - Is there a way to use Enumeration in this Wid and the Oryx will have it displaced as a combo?



      "name" : "JBpm5ESBDef7",

          "parameters" : [

            "ServiceCategory" : new StringDataType(),

            "ServiceName" : new EnumDataType("classname?"),

            "CompleteTask" : new StringDataType(),

            "FromUri" : new StringDataType(),

            "RelatesToUri" : new StringDataType(),

            "ActionUri" : new StringDataType(),

            "ReplyToUri" : new StringDataType(),

            "FaultToUri" : new StringDataType()


          "displayName" : "JBpm5ESBDef7",

      "icon" : "http://localhost:8080/drools-guvnor/rest/packages/HiveProcesses/assets/defaultlogicon/binary"




      Pictorially (if not worth a thousand, I'm sure its worth a hundred words), all I need is what's show in the image below - I have been searching and found out the following two Jiras - I just hope they do not stand as bugs any more in version jBPM version 5.4 suite that are using.





      Need A Combo.png