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    calendar organizer data save question

    Jenny Jin Newbie

      I checked the following calendar organizer (rich facer version 3.3) demo code and implemented my CalendarDataModel.



      Currently, I can output a concatenated string to display the summary of these schedules retrieved from database on the calendar date cells.

      However, the requirements also include editing feature to be implemented. In other words, user should be able to click on a link in the date cell and a popup

      model panel will be displayed to output a list of detailed schedule information. Then the user should be able to select

      the scheduls that they are interested and the application should save this information in database accordinglly.


      By reading old posts from the forum, it looks to  me that richfaces 3.3 could not help me accomplishing this task as the calendar was built completelly on client side. Data could not be iterated using

      data table. An old post indicated that organzier in richfaces 4.x will be separate component which encoded at server side. However, I looked through the richfaces 4 calender demo and documenation and

      did not find this new feature. I hope you can help shed some light on this problem. If I can't do this task using richfaces, I have to look for other solutions. Thanks in advance!