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    Switchyard with Camel XMPP

    joaonlima Newbie



      I'm started to investigate Switchyard as an option to build a route between JMS and XMPP (one way JMS -> XMPP)..


      I've created a Camel(Java) service where I use the xmpp:// uri protocol to send the body content to an XMPP server, this is tested with a regular Switchyard test case and it works fine (just had to add camel-xmpp to the pom.xml).

      Then I promoted this interface and created a JMS binding (as done in the camel-jms-binding quickstart) and tried to deploy to JBoss AS 7.


      But I get an error when deploying saying:

      org.apache.camel.ResolveEndpointFailedException: Failed to resolve endpoint: xmpp


      I'm sure that I'm missing something important, but can't figure it out. Does anyone been through this?